Contextes et Didactiques is an open access international biannual journal published by the Presses universitaires des Antilles. The diversity, coexistence and even confrontation of contexts of different nature play a fundamental role in many teaching situations. The journal publishes articles that account for this dimension, not often explored in all its facets. The Contextes et Didactiques journal has been accredited by the HCERES in Education Sciences since June 2019. Contextes et Didactiques is also available online OpenEdition :

14 | 2019Contextes et transmissions : les apports de la recherche en éducation.

Les exemples de la Polynésie française, de la Nouvelle Calédonie et de l’Océanie

Contexts and transmission: the contributions of educational sciences. The case of French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

Edited by Rodica Ailincai and Antoine Delcroix